Monday, April 25, 2016

Kickoff Month: April Flowers

The Glades Teen Summit

Leader(s): Je’Cynthia Nonar                                        

Purpose: To break down the barriers between residents and law enforcement in the Glades area. It also has a secondary goal of gaining employment for residents, particularly adolescents.

PBPT Tank award: $15,000

The past few weeks have been very interesting for lack of a better word. This is because the planning of my Glades Teen Summit has just begun and I extremely excited to go through with the three phases of my event. Phase One, which is the centered around attending the National Preventing Crime in Black Communities summit in Miami, FL, is going great. My VIP ( Very Important Philanthropist) and I have even decided on a date for the event and are discussing possible locations. The amount of money needed to complete phase one is approximately $6,000, which is the amount required to attend the Miami summit.

The purpose for attending the aforementioned summit is for it to serve as an example to me and my peers what a successful is and how it is operated. As I said in my pitch,  we must lead by example. I am happy we haven't experienced any April showers - setbacks in planning - this month. It's all April flowers for me so far.

My short-term goals for the next month are for there to be an exact location, place, and time for the summit. I also would like to begin working on various marketing techniques in order to get the word around town out about the teen summit.

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  1. This is great, Je'Cynthia. I look forward to hearing about the conference. Maybe you can post a link to it once you have the information. I'd love to read about it!