Monday, June 20, 2016

Jocund June: Amazing Summer Ahead

Happy First Day of Summer!! The end of June is approaching and I am extremely excited because we are in Phase Two of the project which is the event planning process.

A process that includes, but isn't limited to:
   - Flyers and Posters
   - Media
   - Invitations
   - Lunch
   - Paper Products and Condiments
   - Facility Rental
   - Rental of Tables & Chairs
   - Rental of Outside Tents
   - Motivational Teen Speaker/Rapper
   - Sound/Video equipment
   - T-Shirts/Uniform ( Volunteers/Staff)
   - Vendors
   - Janitorial Services

This is a lot of work to be done, however, I am aware that with the support of Advisors for Philanthropic Impact,  my mentors Mr. Castronuovo and Mr. Funderbirk,  the assistance from the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, and the many people in my community who want change, the Glades Teen Summit will be a success.


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