Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July Update

      The month of July has been a very productive month because I was able to get actual feedback from teens and young adults from the local and surrounding areas and host a kickoff event on July 14th, at the Belle Glade Teen Center where over 40 people ( mostly teens) were in attendance.

The Kickoff included : 
  • A PowerPoint Presentation that reinforced my purpose for hosting the event and a call to action from my peers. 
  • Refreshments for the people who attended
  • Conversation on what groups/committees should be created to plan my event
The Kickoff allowed me to realize that there are several aspects of event planning that must be taken into account and has allowed me to take on a more accurate timeline that includes my date changing from a mid-October date to an late winter/early (January-March) Spring 2017 date. 

Timeline for Glades Teen Summit ( Still susceptible to modification)

By the end of May:
·         Attended the 31st National Preventing Crime in the Black Community Conference
·         Analyzed what aspects of the conference should be implemented into Glades Teen Summit

By the end of June:
·         Begin portfolio
·         Decide on a time period

By the end of July:
·         Have an event kickoff
·         Decide on a location
·         Create various committees

By the end of August:
·         Decide on an actual date
·         Compile a list of ALL that will be invited to attend the event

By the end of September:
·         Send out letters to local businesses, potential speakers, principal, and teachers asking for their participation in the event.
·         Begin making flyer prototypes and marketing process (have at least two sample flyers made).

       By the end of October
·         Reach out to vendors to see which ones would be available for the event.

             The timeline of what will occur from November into the year 2017 will be uploaded as soon as I can assure the steps I'm taking are leading me in the right direction. 

I            I am currently working on building a portfolio that details the work that is going into making the Glades Teen Summit happen. 

      My goals for August are as follows :
  1.  Blogging more often about my ideas for the Glades Teen Summit and the progress updates at least once a week/bi-weekly.
  2.  Deciding on the actual date for when I wish to have the summit
  3.  Mastering my focus on balancing my academic life ( as a high school senior) and the Glades Teen Summit 

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